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How do you select who participates with Salt Lake Metro?

Salt Lake Metro is run similar to a college program as that is our background. Players are evaluated and selected based on the personnel needs of the program.

Selection is by invitation only on a rolling enrollment basis based on referrals from scouting services, high school/college coaches and our player evaluation and not tryouts .


Why don’t you have tryouts for Salt Lake Metro?

All Salt Lake Metro players in good standing are invited back to participate for the duration of their need for club basketball. We feel that we have made a long term commitment to the player development and recruitment of all players participating in the program.

Based on our collegiate recruiting method of player selection we don’t feel the need to have tryouts as the vast majority of our players return from year to year and we rely on evaluating players at games/camps/clinics.


What is your position regarding players from other club teams?

Our program begins with the 15U age group.  Once players have made their initial 15U or older club selections we no longer consider them as potential players for Salt Lake Metro.

In college or in any other club sport it is illegal to recruit players from another program. We develop our own players and stay loyal to them instead of raiding the rosters of other programs, which we consider unethical.

Players from other club programs wanting to change need to contact us to inquire about playing.


What types of teams does Salt Lake Metro offer?

 Salt Lake Metro offers the following teams to participate with:

  • National
  • Regional


What is the difference between the types of teams?

The basic difference between a National and a Regional team is the number of events attended.  National teams also may travel more extensively than Regional teams.


What determines the events you attend?

We attend events that best suit that team’s particular development and recruiting needs. We generally will attend top events in the West.

We are not limited by sponsorship obligations to attend any events.


What events do you attend?

Salt Lake Metro is nationally recognized as one of the top club programs in the Western U.S. by college coaches and national scouting services.

With our independent status we have attended events hosted by adidas, Reebok, Nike, Under Armour and also many top national independent events.

Many of these events are by invitation only.


What are NCAA Open Evaluation Periods?

During NCAA Open Evaluation Periods, NCAA coaches may attend NCAA certified events for purposes of evaluating and recruiting prospective college basketball players.

Salt Lake Metro teams play in NCAA certified events.


When are NCAA Open Evaluation Periods?

NCAA Open Evaluation Periods are held during April (Spring) and July (Summer).

Specific dates are available on the Men's/Women's NCAA Recruiting Calendar for DI/DII.   


What helps me play in College?

Recruiting and player development are a process that extends beyond playing in club. .Developing proper habits and work ethic is essential to a player's eventual success.

In addition to player development, Salt Lake Metro provides recruiting assistance and mentoring to all it's club members.   This assistance is also given to all graduates of the club during their post high school years.


What if I can’t make a full commitment of time and resources to participate?

We will have some players that will be picked up as alternates.  They will attend practices and skill development sessions but are not assigned to a team. It is possible they may not travel.


How many players do you have per team?

All Metro teams have either 7 or 8 players assigned to the team. We keep the roster size small so all players are able to participate.


What costs are not included in my tournament fees?

Food and transportation costs are not included in Salt Lake Metro club tournament fees.


Why aren’t transportation costs included in my tournament fees?

Individual players and parents have a variety of methods of travel that may be more cost efficient than group travel.  We allow the players to find the most economical method of travel for their needs and circumstances.


What travel costs are included in my tournament fees?

Hotels, car/van rentals and coaches travel expenses are included in the club fees.  Usually the hotels we stay at include a free breakfast for the players.


How many players per room on a trip?

Generally there will be 3 to 4 players per room. The players are expected to room with the team and not with their parents.


Why do you practice twice a week during the spring?

Based on our 20+ years of experience we feel the key to being successful both in high school and collegiately is for players to be in the gym working on developing new skills and refining their abilities. Skill development and hard work develops a players work ethic more than just playing games and travelling.


When is skill development and practices?

Boys Practices are generally Friday evenings/ Saturday mornings.

Girls Practices are generally Friday evenings/ Saturday mornings.

Practices will start in March and run through early June. There is a possibility of an occasional midweek practice. We may also practice prior to the beginning of the NCAA July evaluation periods. Practice locations/dates may vary based on gym availability and are available on our calendar.


What if I have a conflict with my high school team?

Salt Lake Metro is meant to be a supplemental program to your high school team.  If you have conflicts with your high school team, you should look to attend what they are doing.

We take the majority of the month of June off to enable our players to participate with their high school team’s summer schedule without conflict with the Metro schedule.


Can I do other sports?

We have had many multi-sport athletes play in our program and we encourage our players to do other sports for their high schools.

 Salt Lake Metro should be the first priority for club sports.


What about individual athletic training?

Individual athletic training is an important component of the improvement of all basketball players.  Any training that will help increase speed, strength and explosiveness is encouraged.  Salt Lake Metro has made arrangements with a number of the top athletic trainers in the area to help with individual player athletic training. 

Discounted rates are available to Metro players.


What information is available on the web about Salt Lake Metro?

Salt Lake Metro has extensive coverage of its club basketball program on Facebook (Salt Lake Metro Basketball) Instagram (SaltLakeMetro) and Twitter (SaltLakeMetro) pages that are designed to promote the Metro players and program. 


What if I have other questions?

Call (801) 410-4130 or email Coach Hammer  with any questions or concerns.