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Salt Lake Metro staff and coaches provide Club Members with expert personalized assistance and mentoring regarding player development and collegiate recruitment.

Travel Team Club members are expected to attend selected NCAA certified events held during NCAA open recruiting periods. Some Club members (Alternates) have limited or no event attendance.

Club memberships are renewed at the club's August 31 year end and members in good standing are invited back.



Club Membership Fees:

  • $1500 per year

What a Club Member receives for their fees:

  • Individual / Team Strategy development
  • Individual on court skills training
  • Individual specific position training
  • Individual NCAA Eligibility Center assistance
  • Individual player evaluation & mentoring
  • Individual player profile/webpage consultation
  • Individual Collegiate Recruiting assistance
  • NCAA Certification for coaches
  • Trained NCAA Certified Coaches
  • Staff Training and Skills Clinics
  • Coaching salaries and travel expenses
  • Gym Rental Facilities - 30 hours of player development (March – May)
  • Team Equipment & Medical Supplies
  • Administrative expenses
  • Player promotional expenses (Social Media and website maintenance)
  • Discounted personal training sessions

Metro Apparel Package (included in Membership Fees):

  • Metro Travel Bag
  • Metro T-Shirts (Black/White)
  • Metro Wristbands (Black/Yellow)
  • Metro Sweatpants

Members will also receive discounts on shoes and other related apparel.  Members are not required to purchase any apparel or limit what they choose to wear based on shoe affiliation.


Travel Team rosters are limited to a maximum of 8 players per team to maximize player development and player participation.

Teams play in top NCAA certified events during NCAA open recruiting periods when college coaches can evaluate players.

Event Travel Fees

  • Event Travel Fee - $450 per event
  • Uniform Fee-  Uniforms are provided at no charge and returned after tournament play

What does the Event Travel Fee cover:

  • NCAA Coaches Certification
  • Coaches Travel Expenses
  • Team Equipment & Medical Supplies
  • Uniforms
  • Event Entry Fees
  • Player Travel expenses. Hotel, Van Rentals & Gas *

             * (does not include food or individual player transportation to/from event)

Travel Team players are expected to stay in Team Hotel with 3-4 players per team room. The team provides transportation from airport to hotel and to/from hotel to all games.